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Raspberry Cream Cheese made in the Thermomix

One place that I miss from Canada is Tim Hortons! It is a donut & coffee chain that feels like home. I wouldn\'t rank their coffee as the greatest but ...
26-02-2019 22:20

Makowiec: Poppy seed roll

What should you do if a loved one has a poppy seed prominently caught between their teeth in public" I have always thought it best to let the person d ...
26-02-2019 22:21

Mad about Madeleines

These tiny shell-shaped cakes have been around in France since the early 18th century. They originate from the Lorraine region of northern France. The ...
26-02-2019 22:20

Christmas pizza - pizza di Natale

OK. This is not strictly a Thermomix recipe, but thought that I would share the concept.This is another recipe from Armando Percuoco and David Dale\'s ...
26-02-2019 22:20

Za'atar Bread

They say you recognise soulmates from past lives by their smell. A hint of something familiar, alluring, attractive or comfortable caresses your nostr ...
26-02-2019 22:21

Chia Seed Gel

Sprouted seeds or legumes are often recommended as a healthy item on our plates. Soaking removes the enzyme inhibitors that would otherwise nullify so ...
26-02-2019 22:20

Tomato Glut; More Pesto; Baked Beans

Finally a tomato glut! It?s been a rare sight last year and this but it?s nice to know it can still happen. While I also get tomatoes in my Food Conne ...
26-02-2019 22:20

Raw Hummus

 Hummus is always a pleasant addition to a nibble or a meal. This raw version based on a recipe from the book ?12 Steps to Raw Foods? by Victoria Bou ...
26-02-2019 22:20

Thermomix Mango Custards in the Varoma

Well sweet was the theme and as I love making custards in the Thermomix Varoma (steaming attachment) and mangoes are very plentiful at present, steame ...
26-02-2019 22:20

Ah, summer, what power you have to make us suffer and like i

And so, after some miserable months and recent weeks of rain, we finally got it! A few hot summer days!! Lucky you out there who live in place where ...
26-02-2019 22:20

Ultimate Plastic Bag Instructions

After receiving several hints about preparing some instructions about how I make my plastic handbags, I have done just that here. I hope these instru ...
26-02-2019 22:20

Spicy Red Pepper Dip in the Thermomix

Last night we went to a Matt Corby concert at the Fremantle Arts Centre and needed a yummy snack to enjoy during the music! I took at look at some dip ...
26-02-2019 22:20

Thermomix Sabayon with Blueberries.

So, with berries as the theme and blueberries in the fridge, I turned to Lynne Mullins? book ...
26-02-2019 22:20


A quick salad to accompany some pork sausages.Preparation time 1 minuteCooking/Mixing time 10-12 secondsThis recipe calls for 1/4 cabbage, 1/2 a big c ...
26-02-2019 22:20

Vegetarian Sausage Rolls

In the early 1990\'s, I took a few vegetarian cooking classes through Sanitarium and was delighted to find this vegetarian version of a favourite food ...
26-02-2019 22:20

Iced Pea Soup

OK, so this is soooooo late. I made it and took photos in January, but just never got around to posting it. A message from Tenina reminded me that I n ...
26-02-2019 22:20

Chilli Nachos

A variation of the Chilli Con Carne recipe in the thermomix recipe book, Instead of kidney beans and tomato paste we substitute a tin of baked beans. ...
26-02-2019 22:20

Seasonal treats

We\'ve been very lucky this year as our cherry trees are quite generous. This is minutes before this beautiful fruit has been demolished, squeezed int ...
26-02-2019 22:20

Vegan Strawberry Banana Milkshake in the Thermomix

Sometimes change is good. And sometimes I\'m tired of my green smoothies. So, here is what I mixed up today- a frothy, creamy vegan milkshake!Ingredie ...
26-02-2019 22:20

The BEST Spinach Dip

This is a damn good dip. I chucked a few things together from the fridge and this awesome brightly coloured dip came out! The flavour is fresh and the ...
26-02-2019 22:20

Cooking Class with Janice Wong 2am : dessertbar

Tonight was a great class at Savour School with Janice Wong from 2am : dessertbar in Singapore.I am not much of a dessert fan, but this was really an ...
26-02-2019 22:20

Persimmon and passionfruit sorbet

Persimmon and Passionfruit SorbetPersimmons are an Autumn fruit almost past their best now that Winter is here. You can pick up a tray of really squas ...
26-02-2019 22:21

Homemade butter

(from Fast and Easy Cooking Cookbook)Ingredients:250g - 1000g double cream, coldSea salt (optional)Herbs (optional)1. Add double cream. Whip at Speed ...
26-02-2019 22:20

No Bake Christmas Cake- Vegan!

This frozen fruit cake is the perfect treat for Christmas celebrations! Here, when it\'s hitting 30, a refreshing dessert is always welcomed. This lig ...
26-02-2019 22:20

Cinnamon, Apple and Oat Porridge

Tired of plain old porridge"We loved our breakfast so much this morning I had to post this so that everyone could have some mid winter joy first thing ...
26-02-2019 22:21

Cucumber Raita

Ingredients:1 small cucumber175g natural yogurt1/4 tsp granulated sugar1/4 tsp salt1 tsp cumin seeds10-12 black peppercorns1/4 tsp paprika1. Peel the ...
26-02-2019 22:20

Thermomix Grape Bavarois

So for this week\'s theme it is soft. What is in the fridge" Grapes. OK. What recipes might use grapes" Start with Grape Bavarian Cream - that\'s the ...
26-02-2019 22:20

Steamed Blue-eye with Chermoula

Make up a batch of chermoula and you\'ll find a million ways to use it. This paste of middle eastern herbs and spices is wonderfully fragrant and goes ...
26-02-2019 22:21

Simplified Mini Muffins

I?ve made muffins, pikelets, waffles and bread, and the enduring habit seems to be making mini muffins.  My mot ...
26-02-2019 22:20

Pineapple Salad

Yummm. It might seem like an unusual dinner but I had some pineapple, carrot and sweet potato that I wanted to use up before picking up my Food Co ...
26-02-2019 22:20

Mushroom Chicken Cacciatore

I live opposite a park and have been envious when barbeque smells waft in my direction. Tonight I reckon my neighbours might have been thinking exactl ...
26-02-2019 22:20

I Love You Alice B Toklas - Divine Dulce

searching in the Amazon link.Despite not being thorough in the explanations and testing, there are many interesting recipes and anecdotes including th ...
26-02-2019 22:20
26-02-2019 22:21

Fairy Floss"

No, not really. But it was pretty enough for me to think of that delicious sweet treat that I missed this year by not going to the Ekka. I understan ...
26-02-2019 22:20

Foolproof Pie Crust in the Thermomix

For Thanksgiving, I made 2 pies because the pastry was just so easy! I didn\'t need two pies but they sure were yummy in the days after the big feast! ...
26-02-2019 22:20

Thermomix Zucchini Cake

So, the last of ?sweet? week. I was presented with two large zucchini that had escaped the attention of one of my colleague?s mothers in her zucchini ...
26-02-2019 22:20

Life without the food" No thank you!

Sometimes I wonder what the life would be like if there was no food. I mean, we all have seen the films and cartoons set in the future, where the eat ...
26-02-2019 22:20

Beetroot and Chocolate Mini Muffins

Beetroot is so versatile. I first grew to love boiled beetroot in a salad. No vinegar was needed. I even pilched it from the container in the fridge a ...
26-02-2019 22:20

Thermomix Coeur à la crème ? Crémet d?Angers

Once I had made junket the next simple step was to make fromage frais by gently cutting the junket into chunks and allowing it to drain through muslin ...
26-02-2019 22:20


Thermomix pizza bases are very easy to make. We have 2 recipies that are never fail.Tonight\'s dinner was the yeast based mixture with 500g flour, oi ...
26-02-2019 22:20

I have recently come across this simple yet delicious recipe

Pasta sauce with chicken and pineapplePasta sauce with chicken and pineapple(by courtesy of "anka25" from   onion, ...
26-02-2019 22:20

Gluten, Dairy, Yeast and Grain Free Bread Rolls

These taste really good! Don\'t be fooled by the title, free from all of the above actually lends itself to a light, airy roll with a bit of chew. I w ...
26-02-2019 22:20

What is patriotism but the love of the food one ate as a chi

Someone once said  "Childhood is measured out by sounds and smells and sights...". When I go back in my memories, for some reason what I mostly remem ...
26-02-2019 22:20

Piñata Cupcakes | Step By Step Recipe

A super easy Piñata Cupcakes recipe with a surprise filling of bright and colourful sprinkles! Perfect for kids birthday parties! These Piñata Cupcake ...
26-02-2019 21:31

Gherkin Dip in the Thermomix

This recipe comes from liz mancini on the Thermomix Recipe Community. It was really yummy so I just had to share...Ingredients:1/2 onion1 tbsp olive o ...
26-02-2019 22:20

Cooking Class with Nic Poelaert @ Tony Tan's

Last night I attended a fantastic class at Tony Tan\'s Unlimited Cuisine in Toorak with Nic Poelaert from Embrasse (not pronounced Embrace - but like ...
26-02-2019 22:20

Pasta with Napolitano Sauce

The Pasta dough was made with Semolina flour my wife purchased during the week The result was a nuttier taste with Spaghetti that held together v ...
26-02-2019 22:20

Vegetarian Stroganoff in the Thermomix

I\'ve never had stroganoff before so this was a real treat! So easy to make vegetarian too :)Ingredients2 sprigs parsley1/2 brown onion15g butter1/2 t ...
26-02-2019 22:20

Chocolate Chip Cookies in the Thermomix

These were gone in less than 24hrs. I mean that is sooo embarrassing to admit but they were just so damn good. Comparable to Subway cookies but less g ...
26-02-2019 22:20

Field Mushroom Sandwich with Garlic butter

Cold clear days in early Winter take me back to my childhood when we would spend entire days tramping across the paddocks of my Auntie\'s farm collect ...
26-02-2019 22:21

From the diary of a busy mum...

Whilst juggling between my child, home, housework, studying, writing my dissertation project, writing the blog articles, work everyday, trips to and ...
26-02-2019 22:20

Thermomix Eggnog Syllabub - Cookbook Challenge

"Nigella Christmas" by the kitchen goddess (and published in 2008 by Random House), but it does have some great recipes and ideas for Christmas entert ...
26-02-2019 22:20

Fennel and Tomato Gratin

I just made a Thermomixer\'s Fennel and Tomato Gratin, I didn\'t get a picture because it went too quickly. There is something about a dish with chees ...
26-02-2019 22:21

Cheater's Pizza

This is a recipe for an almost effortless dough, that does not need any time to raise and it\'s ready within minutes for a quick and delicious snack o ...
26-02-2019 22:20

Savoury Vegetarian Muffins in the Thermomix!

Here is a recipe for quick, savoury muffins! Good for breakfast, brunch, snacks or a mini meal on the go. You might like to change up the ingredients ...
26-02-2019 22:20


Spring is a great time for dips and salads, so today in celebration of the warm weather we had a salad. Roquette, cos lettuce, cherry tomatoes, red ca ...
26-02-2019 22:21


Charming thatches of gray have featured just above my ears for decades. I have even joked with my hairdresser about my free highlights. However, since ...
26-02-2019 22:20

The Ultimate Plastic Bag

This swish looking number will complement any day-time wear with its shiny white veneer and practical trim size. Made from strips cut from plastic bag ...
26-02-2019 22:20

Thermomix Otak Otak

Well soft being the theme for the week, I immediately thought of otak otak. A dish that I have had a few times in various forms, but then ones that I ...
26-02-2019 22:20

Mushroom Chicken Cacciatore a la Thermomix

I enjoyed the Mushroom and Chicken Cacciatore meal so much that I have just made a ...
26-02-2019 22:20

Schiacciata con l'uva - Tuscan grape bread

Well there were still grapes in the fridge and so what to do. Many years ago I recall watching a cooking program that I was sure was The de Medici Kit ...
26-02-2019 22:20

Very Berry Tart.

Ingredients:4 eggs1 cup caster sugar1 cup plain flour1/2 tsp baking powderMixed berries or other fruit Ready made thick custardWhipped creamJelly of y ...
26-02-2019 22:20

Raw and Beyond

I remain interested in raw food even though I probably only eat half of my food raw. There are some foods that are so much easier to digest in their c ...
26-02-2019 22:20

Chocolate Protein Balls in the Thermomix

A new version of healthy, snack sized balls. Chocolate flavour, no sugar added and an amazing texture. Pop one of these for dessert and I\'m sure you\ ...
26-02-2019 22:20

Thermomix Strawberry Tiramisu

This recipe comes from the book ?A Passion for Fruit? by Lorzenza de?Medici. Similar to Lynne Mullins? book ?produce?, it has chapters on each fruit w ...
26-02-2019 22:20

Quickie Chicken Curry

A slight adaptation of the recipe in the Thermomix cookbook.Requires 4 chicken thighs cubed, 3 potatoes cubed, 2 onions peeled, 2 cloves garlic peeled ...
26-02-2019 22:20

Quick Fix: Every Occasion by Alyce Alexandra

It has been a while since I trawled through a cookbook. Blame it on a busy life with too many commitments, or perhaps I needed to coast for a while. ...
26-02-2019 22:20

Thermomix Quince Paste

Quince paste is such a wonderful little accompaniment to cheese, and when somebody gives you a dozen quinces, it is just the thing to cook, especially ...
26-02-2019 22:20

Banana Bread 2

With school 1 week in the house is empty of snacks. Banana bread is a great way to use the old bananas that no one wants to take to school.Ingredient ...
26-02-2019 22:20

Sponge cake with plums and crumble

This may not be the quickest cake to make, but as they say "something worth having is something worth waiting for"... And the smell of this cake bakin ...
26-02-2019 22:20

Strawberry Banana 'Ice Cream' in the Thermomix

Forget about sugar loaded store bought ice cream and icey poles. On a hot day, like the 30+ week we have been having in Perth, whip this sugar-free ve ...
26-02-2019 22:20

Vegetarian Lentil & Rice Hotpot

Do you have trouble figuring out what to make when you haven\'t made it to the grocery store in ages" I was desperate for a tasty dinner but had minim ...
26-02-2019 22:20

Easy Layered Meal in the Thermomix!

Ok, this is always tricky at first when I am experimenting, but I have succeeded! The hard part for me is not mixing any meat, or meat juice for that ...
26-02-2019 22:20

Persimmon and Vanilla bean Sorbet

Persimmon and Vanilla Bean SorbetI just bought forty really ripe and squashy persimmons at the Vic market today for two dollars, that\'s five c ...
26-02-2019 22:21

My Nana's coffee buttercream

Ingredients:30g fresh ground coffee3 eggs170g caster sugar250g butter, softenvanilla extract1 shot glass of vodka or liqueur (clear not creamy, coffe ...
26-02-2019 22:20

No Bake White Chocolate Popcorn Clusters

Wow! These are dangerous to have around! Salty and sweet. Creamy and crunchy. Yum! These are quick and great to set out when you have guests coming ov ...
26-02-2019 22:20

Cashew Nut and Vegetable Stir Fry

Neil Perry says that "the art of stir frying is the art of organisation". Yep that would be right and there\'s my problem. Why do so many things in li ...
26-02-2019 22:21

Chicken Biryani

It is advisable to prepare the chicken and yogurt mixture 2-3 hours before the cooking and marinade it in the fridge. I have, however, skipped this an ...
26-02-2019 22:20

Thermomix Christmas Salad

Well, yes, it is past Christmas, but I made this from a book that I received from Santa. The book is the latest from Armando Percuoco and David Dale ...
26-02-2019 22:20

Savoury Steamed Custard

I saw this recipe in The Age Epicure last week and had wanted to prepare it for the family. Alas no-one seemed too thrilled about the idea of a savour ...
26-02-2019 22:21

New plastic bag

Here\'s my latest creation with reversed colour schemes on front and back, and on the sides. It is fun playing with different colours. This bag brings ...
26-02-2019 22:20

Kale Pesto

I scored a huge bunch of kale in my Food Connect box today. Rather than risk not getting to it quickly enough and thus wasting it, I made some kale pe ...
26-02-2019 22:20

Food Matters

I?ve been travelling along comfortably for a while now, enjoying my breakfast of fruit with some cooked brown rice or quinoa, a large salad at lunch t ...
26-02-2019 22:20

Thermomix Tiramisù Ice Cream

This sweet little number comes from Allan Campion and Michele Curtis? book ?In The Kitchen?. This cookbook has a wealth of (over 1000) very tasty reci ...
26-02-2019 22:20

Fruit Coctails

Ingredients:250g frozen fruit of your choice (we used some raspberries and forest fruit mix)2 frozen bananas (I always keep some in the freezer for th ...
26-02-2019 22:20


I had a new dilemma to solve when some rhubarb arrived in my Food Connect box as I haven?t had any contact with rhubarb apart from possibly eating som ...
26-02-2019 22:20

How to Properly Self-Clean Your Thermomix

The Thermomix cleans itself! Yes, it\'s true. But maybe you don\'t have the method down pat" Here\'s what I do:Add water to the 1L mark. Add a drop o ...
26-02-2019 22:20

Thermomix Blueberry Sorbet

Well with berries as the theme for the week I decided to check out the dessert section of the bookshelf and spotted a book that came with marriage. I ...
26-02-2019 22:20

Big, fat breadsticks

Ingredients:450g strong white bread flour (plus extra for dusting)1 x 7g sachet fast action dried yeast1 1/2 tsp salt250-275ml warm watervegetable oil ...
26-02-2019 22:20


For the past six months I have been playing with kefir. I read an article about making ginger ale in a Grass Roots magazine (GR211) and decided this c ...
26-02-2019 22:20

Thermomix Strawberry Gazpacho with frozen yoghurt

This is another recipe from Jane Lawson?s book "Cocina Nueva". ( Now also in paperback). It reminds me of a Charlie Trotter dessert with melon soup wi ...
26-02-2019 22:20

Pancakes for Breaky

Weekend breakfast usually means pancakes on Saturday mornings. The thermomix is the easiest pancake mix I have ever made. All the ingredients into t ...
26-02-2019 22:20

Beginner's slow start!

I reach out in lots of directions to get my pleasures in life and one of them is my Little Kingdom in the kitchen. Maybe it doesn\'t look exactly the ...
26-02-2019 22:20

15 Minute Veggie Soup in the Thermomix

I whipped up this soup for two today in 15 minutes! I mean...hello! The Thermomix just demands that you do things from scratch and eat healthy because ...
26-02-2019 22:20

6 Minute Protein Butter!

Wow! This has really rocked my socks off! This spread is ideal for crackers, corn thins, toast and fresh bread rolls- or by the spoonful when no one i ...
26-02-2019 22:20

Cooking Class with Attica's Ben Shewry

This is the only cooking class that Ben Shewry from Attica Restaurant in Ripponlea is giving in Australia this year. So I felt very privileged to be ...
26-02-2019 22:20

Big Curry Night

Vegeterian Balti Curry, Dahl, Steamed Rice and RottiThe vegeterian Balti was an adaptation from an episode of \'The Cook and the Chef\' on ABC televis ...
26-02-2019 22:20

My mum's baked cheesecake

As promised... :) Now, for this recipe, I really suggest you visit a Polish Deli nearby (I bet there is one!) to get your ingredients. There is just s ...
26-02-2019 22:20

Three Veg Scramble in the Thermomix

I have a new go-to! This yummy, veggie and protein packed meal is great for breakfast or lunch and as a scramble or in patties!Ingredients350g chopped ...
26-02-2019 22:20

Sticky Black Rice

There\'s a book called the Spiritual Nutrition and the Rainbow Diet where the author Gabriel Cousens says that you should try to eat all the colors of ...
26-02-2019 22:21

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