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Babaganoush Babaganoush


Spring is a great time for dips and salads, so today in celebration of the warm weather we had a salad. Roquette, cos lettuce, cherry tomatoes, red capsicum and tuna with lashings of babaganoush on top.The best thing about cooking babaganoush is you get to be a bit primitive, charring the eggplant on the open flame. I remember my surprise at the smoky flavour of this dip on my first encounter and I'm not sure that I immediately loved it. But I char with gay abandon these days filling the kitchen with an aroma reminiscent of marijuahna burning (so I am told). The smoky richness of babaganoush goes well with salads, barbecued meat and fish, especially lamb or just plain old carrot sticks, pita bread or water crackers. 
BabaganoushIngredients1 medium to large eggplant (aubergine)1 teaspoon of cumin seeds1 teaspoon of coriander seeds1 clove of garlic75 grams tahini75 grams olive oil50 ml waterHalf teaspoon saltJuice of 1 large lemon MethodThe smoky flavour of babaganoush is developed by placing a whole uncooked eggplant directly onto the gas flame of your stove top. Turn the flame on full and let the eggplant cook until it is charred on the underside then turning it over with a pair of kitchen tongs repeat the process on the other side. You will find the peeling process, which comes next, easier if the eggplant is well charred, so don't pull it off the stove too quickly.Once this is done, put the charred eggplant aside in a bowl to cool  Dry roast your cumin and coriander in...
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Babaganoush Babaganoush


Fuente de la noticia: ricksthermomixblog
Fecha de publicación: 26-02-2019 22:21
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