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Pineapple Dole Whip – Thermomix Copycat Recipe

ThermoKitchen Try making Pineapple Dole Whip in your own home! A swirly, refreshing dessert of sweet pineapple whipped into a creamy soft-serve ice-c ...
31-03-2020 21:15

If I could only have ONE of my Thermomix cookbooks...

EVERYDAY THERMO COOKING: Want more thermie tips, tricks and fre ...
30-03-2020 21:44

Four Ingredient Scones

I’ve been making these Thermomix Four Ingredient Scones for a few years now and while it’s always been quick and easy to put together, using a The ...
29-03-2020 21:37

Recipe Roundup: Best Flexible and Frugal Thermomix Meals

Two of the most important things to me when creating recipes, are that they use easy to access ingredients and that they are good value: making a good ...
28-03-2020 21:15

Insider Club has reached 46 ebooks!

On the insider club you get more! It is that simple. Join me today for over 45 amazing ebooks packed with recipes that are healthy, affordable and ma ...
28-03-2020 21:43

I am Fabulous- essential oil protocol to make you feel AMAZI

The \'I Am Fabulous\' class will show you simple yet powerful protocols drawing from the work of Desiree Mangandog, an acupuncturist and essential oil ...
26-03-2020 21:41

Mini Easter Bunny Malteser Cheesecakes

These individual mini Malteser cheesecakes are an eggcellent choice for dessert this Easter! I know it seems weird posting an Easter recipe right now ...
25-03-2020 21:15
24-03-2020 21:31

Skinnymixer’s Greek Salad

Greek Salad is something so simple and obvious to me, that I never thought to do a recipe for it on the website until I asked in the Skinnymixer’s ...
23-03-2020 21:32

Thermomix Coconut, Jam & Passionfruit Slice

A simple and delicious Thermomix Coconut, Jam & Passionfruit Slice that takes just a few minutes to prepare and is perfect for afternoon tea! E ...
22-03-2020 21:35

20 Scrumptious Sweet Treats You Can Make From Fridge or Pant

With just a few basics from your fridge and pantry, you can make a scrumptious selection of sweet treats including cakes, cookies and slices. Last we ...
22-03-2020 21:15

Bedtime Bliss: Essential Oils to support SLEEP!

I JUST WANT SLEEP! For thousands of years, essential oils have been utilized for their calming and soothing properties. The method of using essential ...
21-03-2020 21:41

Skinnymixer’s Red Lentil Dahl

With everything happening in the World I thought it was a good time to blog my favourite super budget friendly, pantry staple Thermomix recipe – Re ...
20-03-2020 21:31

Pain D’Epi

  Print Pain D\'Epi Happy National French Bread Day! What better way to celebrate than with a beautiful Pain D'Epi"Pain D'Epi i ...
20-03-2020 21:40

Join me during quarantine. Stay Calm and Keep Cooking.

With the news literally changing everyday and with it impacting all of us with varying degrees of uncertainty, the one thing that remains constant is ...
20-03-2020 21:41

How to Make Greek Yoghurt – Thick & Creamy

ThermoKitchen Thick creamy Greek yoghurt is super easy to make! Make it in a warm spot on the bench, in the Thermomix or in a Yoghurt Maker. This is ...
19-03-2020 21:15
19-03-2020 21:40

Perfect Fluffy Mashed Potato Thermomix Recipe

ThermoKitchen My perfectly fluffy mashed potato is deliciously buttery and with just the right amount of salt.  It\'s the ideal Thermomix Comfort fo ...
19-03-2020 21:15

I Cheat on my Thermomix!"

MY SLOW COOKER EBOOK: Want more thermie tips, tricks and free r ...
19-03-2020 21:40

Vegan Gluten Free Oatmeal Cookies

  Print Vegan Gluten Free Oatmeal Cookies These biscuits are so moorish, you'll struggle to stop at just one! The sweetness from the ...
18-03-2020 21:38

Easy Beef Stroganoff

Made in a flash with nothing more than a knife and a big dutch oven. YUM! ...
18-03-2020 21:39

The Top 10 Pantry Basics Thermomix Recipes

Sometimes it is necessary to stick to the pantry basics, whether it is a bit of a tight money week or you might not have access to a range of items â ...
18-03-2020 21:30

Almond Pavlova

When life gives you egg whites...make pavlova! ...
17-03-2020 21:41

My bedtime oil routines

Ready for bed" Here\'s the a quick overview of how I use my oils and doTERRA products to prepare myself for a good night\'s sleep. Lack of sleep can h ...
17-03-2020 21:41

Kitchen Conversations Tenina Holder ? Cooking with Tenina

When I have chats with that other redhead over at Matters of Taste, this is what it looks like! ...
17-03-2020 21:41

August 2019 PART ONE: Unboxing of my Australian doTERRA Loya

What\'s in the box" Check out my latest unboxing video to see what goodies I ordered this month! I also explain how the doTERRA Loyalty Rewards Prog ...
16-03-2020 21:41

doTERRA Seasonal Essentials Kit: the one everyone wants righ

In this video I quickly run through the contents of the Seasonal Essentials Kit and why it\'s the most popular starter kit right now. If you are wanti ...
16-03-2020 21:41

Thermomix Hot Cross Buns

I have to admit that I get a little excited when I first see Hot Cross Buns arrive on the supermarket shelves.  I am unable to resist popping a bag (o ...
15-03-2020 21:35

Top 5 Dairy-Free Milks

Whether you’re lactose intolerant, vegan, or have an allergy, there’s so many reasons why dairy might not work for you, leading you on the hunt f ...
14-03-2020 21:39

Power of 3 bonus - how to get your oils easily paid for!

The Power of 3 is an important bonus designed to help you structure your doTERRA business in an effective way. While you could potentially sponsor all ...
14-03-2020 21:40

Thermobexta Super Sides Made Easy

I am incredibly excited to share with you tonight my sixth cookbook: Super Sides Made Easy. This fantastic collection of 25 side dish recipes will sui ...
14-03-2020 21:15

Brendan Pang's Pan fried pork and kimchi dumplings

We\'re proud to share with you Brendan Pang\'s incredible pan fried, pork and kimchi dumplings. These are an absolute must try! ...
13-03-2020 22:26

Sophia’s Chocolate Brownies

  Print Sophia\'s Chocolate Brownies Does anything even need to be said" There's nothing quite as classic as a chocolate brownie, an ...
13-03-2020 21:44

Thermobexta’s Speedy Satay Vegetables

It’s exciting times here in my home, as we prepare for the launch of my sixth cookbook: Super Sides Made Easy, in around 24 hours time. I can not wa ...
12-03-2020 21:15

Skinnymixer’s Mango Salsa

The Smoking Joint invited me to assist them with an in store competition at Barbeques Galore this past weekend. We decided that my Jerk Chicken from ...
12-03-2020 21:30

Raspberry Coconut Sponge Puddings

  Print Raspberry Coconut Sponge Puddings If you're looking for a beautiful, light dessert that looks stunning on the dinner table, ...
11-03-2020 21:39

Flu fighter Chicken Soup

Place coriander leaves into TM bowl & chop for 3 secs/speed 7. Scrape out of bowl & set to one side.Place lemon zest, parsley, ginger, spring onions, ...
11-03-2020 22:16

Pineapple Ginger Immunity Booster

Boost your immunity right now with this amazing drink! It is worth the end frame just to see why it is so good for you! ...
10-03-2020 21:40

My must-have Thermomix accessories

Shop food warmers: Shop measuring spoons: ...
10-03-2020 21:40

Mermaid Hair Blend

Here it is! My magical Mermaid Hair Blend that helped my hair grow long, strong and gorgeous. I share an empty bottle hack and show how quick and easy ...
10-03-2020 21:39

Yoghurt Bread

  Print Yoghurt Bread I just love yoghurt bread. It's got such a beautiful, rich flavour thanks to the malt powder, honey and balsam ...
09-03-2020 21:38

10 Ways Your Thermomix Will Save You Money

One of the biggest considerations when buying a Thermomix is weighing up the cost (and at over $2k, there’s no doubt that it’s a massive expense!) ...
08-03-2020 21:35

Top 5 Thermomix Cleaning Tips

Cleaning their machine is often of the biggest pet peeves of any Thermomix owner, and I totally get it. There are multiple parts, there are crevices ...
07-03-2020 21:46

How to teach a Nature's Solutions class

Are you ready to share essential oils" This video will help you teach an doTERRA Nature\'s Solutions class like a PRO! I\'ll share my tips and tricks ...
07-03-2020 21:47

Tortilla Wraps

  Print Tortilla Wraps These tortilla wraps are fantastic for a quick lunch on the go. Make a batch in the morning and take them with you ...
04-03-2020 21:42

Power of Three Bonus - doTERRA Commissions

The Power of 3 is an important bonus designed to help you structure your doTERRA business in an effective way. While you could potentially sponsor all ...
04-03-2020 21:42

Date and Chocolate Loaf

It’s the dates that give this chocolate loaf it’s marvellously moist texture and a toffee like flavour.  This recipe came about like so many oth ...
04-03-2020 21:15

How to do a PIT DETOX and why it's so important

I\'m putting WHAT on my pits" Join Elisha Wenner from Healing Health Naturally - one oil at a time. and I as we chat about the importance of reducing ...
02-03-2020 21:41

Vegan Buttercream

  Print Vegan Buttercream Yep, you read that right - you can have buttercream that is vegan - and it's sooo good! Perfect for icing, ...
02-03-2020 21:40

Thermomix Chocolate Caramilk Muffins

These Thermomix Chocolate Caramilk Muffins are an easy Easter treat! I get VERY excited when I see Easter Eggs popping up on the shelves at the ...
01-03-2020 21:36

Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies

  Print Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies It really doesn't get any more decadent than these double chocolate chunk cookies. They' ...
01-03-2020 21:39

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News most viewed Today

Skinnymixer’s BBQ Low & Slow Smoky Beef Ribs

Skinnymixer’s BBQ Low & Slow Smoky...

My Smoky BBQ Beef Ribs have been a huge hit in the Skinnymixers community, ever since Costco came to Australia and popularised beef short ribs in our homes. It was a natural choice to convert it to BBQ Low & Slow Smoky Beef Ribs with The Smoking... -
THMVI: Not Butter Chicken

THMVI: Not Butter Chicken

 Skinnymixer’s Not Butter Chicken features in the Thermomix cookbook The Healthy Mix VI Cookbook. Love Butter Chicken but not the calories or time it takes" This Not Butter Chicken from my new Thermomix cookbook is perfect for weeknights and... -
THMIII: Apricot Chicken

THMIII: Apricot Chicken

Apricot Chicken was selected as the ?People?s Choice? community recipe after I was absolutely inundated with requests for it! I must admit, I was completely daunted at the idea of developing Apricot Chicken as I was unsure how to make it... -
White Chocolate Panna Cotta

White Chocolate Panna Cotta

  White Chocolate Panna Cotta Panna Cotta has got to be one of my favourite desserts. I don?t eat it all too often anymore because Jesse really doesn?t like it that much but he totally devoured this version. When I have the chance to... -
Super Soft Paleo Grain-free Seed Bread Rolls

Super Soft Paleo Grain-free Seed Bread Rolls

Preheat oven to 200\'C. Place psyllium husks into TM bowl and grind [b]1 min, speed 10.[/b] Add dry ingredients: coconut flour, chia seeds, linseeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, coconut sugar, baking powder and... -
Thermomix Abbreviations and Generic Terms Explained

Thermomix Abbreviations and Generic Terms Exp...

If you’re new to the world of Thermomix cooking (or thermal cooking in general), you’ve probably noticed some abbreviations being used around the place.   In addition, recipes written by recipe developers not affiliated with... -
SMBBQ: Ace of all BBQ Rub

SMBBQ: Ace of all BBQ Rub

Skinnymixer’s Ace of all BBQ Rub from the cookbook SkinnyBarbecue will fast become one of your favourite Thermomix Rub recipes.  Perfect to use on pork, chicken, beef, tofu or even vegetables! Print SMBBQ: Ace of all BBQ... -
Healthy Soft Food in the Thermomix

Healthy Soft Food in the Thermomix

Hi! It’s Sian here… This week one of my children had a fall and was put on a strict ‘Soft Foods’ only diet by the dentist for the next week. We actually get asked quite a bit in the Skinnymixers group for soft food recipes for people who... -
Steamed Lemon Cake Thermomix

Steamed Lemon Cake Thermomix

This is a great way to bake without turning on your oven. Especially if it\'s hot outside. It makes the cake really moist too. Fabulous! My husband complains that I never bake.  Here goes. This recipe is from Fabulous Flavour on Every Level... -


For the past six months I have been playing with kefir. I read an article about making ginger ale in a Grass Roots magazine (GR211) and decided this could be fun. The article suggested that the ale could be made with kefir powder or grains. Since it... -

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