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Thermomix Chicken Tikka Masala

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Chicken tikka masala is am Indian takeaway favourite, but in this video you?re going to find out that it?s quicker, cheaper and tastier to make it at home yourself (with a little help from your Thermomix). Click here for the recipe: This recipe is from our Flavours of India cookbook and recipe chip, coming to The Mix Shop 4 July 2017. Click here to find out more: What we love most about this recipe is that you know exactly what?s gone into the curry paste, which you make from scratch. It?s healthier for you and your family and the fresh ingredients means it tastes better too. Serve this dish with steamed rice and naan bread, or, if you?re not quite ready to eat, just pop into your ThermoServer to keep warm. Flavours of India features nearly 100 recipes suitable for TM31 and TM5 ranging from aromatic spice blends, popular street food, family favourites and authentic dishes. It?s designed and written for Thermomix in Australian and New Zealand customers to create mid-week wonders and weekend Indian banquets easily at home. We sourced inspiration from this vibrant and diverse country to bring you mouth-watering dishes from every region. We showcase easy ways to recreate favourites at home like Chicken tikka masala, Palek paneer and Beef madras. There are options to create something a bit special and different for your Indian Banquet including Chicken 65, Coconut lamb curry and Acari paneer murgh. We?ve loved creating this cookbook and recipe chip for you and hope you enjoy it just as much. Visit The Mix Shop now

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