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Puff Pastry filled with Pastry Cream with Thermomix

In this delicious recipe, we will show you how to prepare some exquisite puff pastries filled with custard using your Thermomix. This dessert is perfe ...

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Potato and vegetable soup with thermomix

In the world of cooking, each recipe has its charm and history. The Potato and Vegetable Soup with Thermomix is a delicacy that deserves to be discove ...

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The chocolate mousse in 30 seconds with Thermomix

Ingredients600 grams of cream30 grams of sugar50 grams of cocoa powder1 pinch of vanilla extract ...

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13 things you should never do with your Thermomix: Essential

The Thermomix, that ally in the kitchen that makes our lives easier on more than one occasion, but did you know that there are certain things you shou ...

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Cream Brioches with Thermomix

Ingredients: 300 g flour 90 ml warm milk 90 ml warm water 1 teaspoon bakery yeast 3 tablespoons oil 45 tablespoons sugar 30 g but ...

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Pavlova Cake with Thermomix in a very easy way

If you are looking for a recipe that will impress your guests with its exquisite combination of flavors and elegant presentation, the Thermomix Pavlov ...

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Burrata Cake with Thermomix

Ingredients: 200 grams of burrata cheese 40 grams of digestive biscuits 30 grams of softened butter 300 ml of cream 90 grams of sugar ...

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McFlurry Ice Cream with Lotus Cookies using Thermomix – Mc

Ingredients 750 grams of milk 250 grams of cream (35% fat) 8 Lotus Cookies (recipe in the first paragraph) Lotus Cream 1 teaspoon of vanilla esse ...

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Protein-Packed Quick Bagels: Delicious and Nutritious with t

Quick Protein Bagels are an excellent choice for those who want to enjoy a delicious and nutritious snack in no time. With just 4 simple ingredients a ...

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250 grams Marie biscuits or similar 200 grams sweetened condensed milk this is ½ of a 390gram tin. 360 grams Caramik Chocolate 2 blocks 125 grams ...

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Ice cream Sandy home with thermomix

Ingredients500 grams of milk30 grams of corn flour100 grams of powdered sugar30 grams of butter1 vanilla pod4 egg whites.... ...

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Vanilla filled doughnuts with Thermomix

Ingredients: 500 grams strong flour 18 grams fresh yeast 240 ml milk 20 grams flan powder 75 grams white sugar 60 ml inverted sugar ...

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swiss meringue buttercream thermomix

Ingredients425 g Unsalted Butter, Softened, Cubed (2cm)200 g Egg Whites (Approximately 6 Large Eggs)250 g Castor Sugar1 Pinch of Salt1-2 tsp Vanilla B ...

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lemon and avocado tartare with thermomix

Lemon and Avocado Tart Ingredients with Thermomix For the base: 50 grams of walnuts 60 grams of coconut 50 grams of toasted almonds 50 grams of ...

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Anti-Cold Smoothie from the Thermomix

Anti-Cold Smoothie from the Thermomix1 mango 80 g beetroot 20 g ginger 1 lime 200 g orange juice Cut the mango in half and remove the fle ...

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TRICK: How to always have fresh aromatic herbs ready to use

Fresh herbs are the best allies in the kitchen. The problem is that we can't always have them fresh, meaning cut from the plant and used in our recipe ...

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Cookie Oreo liqueur with thermomix

Ingredients12 Oreo cookies 1 teaspoon homemade vanilla sugar 100 g cream 350 g milk 200 g vodka Preparation Place the Oreo cookies and vanilla sugar ...

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Easy Keto Fudge Thermomix

110 g (3 ⅞ oz) sugar free nut butter I use roasted smooth peanut butter140 g (5 oz) Chocolate Fibre Syrup100 g (3 ½ oz) sweetener of choice2 teaspo ...