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Chinese-Style Steamed Fish

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Chinese-Style Steamed Fish Chinese-Style Steamed Fish

Chinese-Style Steamed Fish

Make a cut diagonally on surface of fish body.  Rub salt on both sides and cavity of fish.
Ginger pieces/slices on top (and bottom if u like) and inside fish cavity.
Line Varoma tray with baking paper and place fish on top.
Place water into the mixing bowl and boil 7 min/Varoma temp/speed 1.
Place Varoma dish into position.
Steam 30 - 40 min/Veroma temp/speed 3.
Once cooked, transfer steamed fish on to a plate. Remove ginger from fish (optional).  Place chopped spring onion on top of fish and maybe some chopped fresh coriander roots.
Pour out left over water in mixing bowl.
Place oil, soy sauce( sugar and wine, mixing bowl and cook 1-2 min/100 C/ speed 1.
(Or you can heat up a wok, add peanut oil and fry off sauce, when boiled pour over fish) 
Pour sauce over fish and serve immediately. 
Add coriander leaves as garnish

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Chinese-Style Steamed Fish Chinese-Style Steamed Fish


Fuente de la noticia: recipecommunity
Fecha de publicación: 08-02-2021 21:25
visto: 9

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