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Thermomix Banana and Pineapple Cake

This Thermomix Banana and Pineapple Cake is super simple to make and there is a good chance you will have everything you need to make it in your pantr ...
28-02-2017 21:57

Ham, sweetcorn and cheese mini pancakes

1. Place cheese and zuchini sliced into the bowl and chop Speed 6/ 5 Seconds.2. Then place all the other ingredients into the bowl and mix [counterclo ...
28-02-2017 21:22

Zip lining in Fiji

Recently had the chance to go to find no and do 5 km of zip lines. Huge fun!! Here is just one. If you would like to be on my doterra team head over t ...
27-02-2017 21:51

Steamed Pork dumplings

Place spring onions, coriander, chilli, garlic and ginger into TM bowl and chop for 4 seconds speed 6. Scrape down sides. Add pork, tamari and oyster ...
27-02-2017 21:23

Thermomix Apple & Apricot Bircher Muesli

One of my very favourite things to have for breakfast is bircher muesli… and our Thermomix Apple & Apricot Bircher Muesli is definitely one of the ...
26-02-2017 21:56

Mini Toblerone & Baileys Cheesecakes

These Mini Toblerone & Baileys Cheesecakes are so naughty… and totally delicious! Best of all, they’re completely no-bake! Let me start off this r ...
26-02-2017 22:02

Easy peasy 2 minute Blueberry Muffins

Preheat oven to 200 degrees celsius and grease a 12-hole muffin tin or line with muffin papers. 1. Melt butter 2 min/80 deg/speed 2. 2. Add the remain ...
22-02-2017 21:24

Pork Adobo in Thermomix

Pork Adobo is a very yummy dish! My coworker who is Filipino makes it and I have tried to recreate it in the Thermomix.  My family thought it was rea ...
22-02-2017 21:55

Healthy Banana & Double Chocolate Chunk Muffins

Healthy Banana & Double Chocolate Chunk Muffins that take just 5 minutes to prepare, are moist and totally delicious! Perfect for a breakfast-on-the-g ...
21-02-2017 21:56

Coconut Lime Spritzer in Thermomix

This is out of the Festive Flavour cookbook. It is on page 112 and looks absolutely fantastic.  It also tastes really great. I can imagine this  tas ...
21-02-2017 21:49

5 Easy Muffin Recipes to make in your Thermomix

Who doesn’t love a muffin"!  With so many amazing (and delicious!) recipes out there, it can be hard to pick just one (ok, two!) recipe to make – ...
21-02-2017 21:50

Thermomix Salmon Choux Bagels

These Thermomix salmon choux bagels are so much lighter and fluffier than traditional bagels. The recipe is so easy and fast to prepare. “The light ...
21-02-2017 21:49

Thermomix Mango Coconut Chia Pudding

This has to be a really easy dessert to make.  Peeling the mangoes is the hardest part.  It is really fast to make. You only need cooling time. The ...
20-02-2017 21:49

Yogurt Cake in Thermomix

This cake has turned into my husbands favourite as all he has to do is hit the next button.  It is very moist and looks impressive.  It is on page 1 ...
20-02-2017 21:49

10 Delicious Thermomix Biscuits and Cookies

Whether you’re new to the Thermomix or an old hand, you’re probably more than aware of how quick and easy it is to whip up delicious cookie doughs ...
19-02-2017 21:55

Oat & Date Crumble Slice

Classic Oat & Date Crumble Slice – an oaty base, sweet date filling and crumbly topping… it doesn’t get much better than this! If you’ve been ...
19-02-2017 21:59

Meal Plan: Basic Low Carb Healthy Fats Dinners

Hi! It’s Sian here… There has been so much talk lately about the LCHF way of eating (Low Carb Healthy Fat), I thought I would put together a very ...
17-02-2017 21:54

Honey Soy Beef

Add garlic, ginger and chilli (if using) into TM bowl and chop 3 seconds speed 7. Scrap down sides.Dissolve cornflour in 3tbsp of water.Add soy sauce, ...
15-02-2017 21:23

Easy Chocolate Chip Muesli Bars

Perfectly easy chocolate chip muesli bars that take only 10 minutes to prepare (and even less time to eat!!). These are a winner with the whole family ...
14-02-2017 22:05

Thermomix Chocolate Volcanos {a Dani Valent recipe}

I don’t know about you, but if I am eating at a restaurant and their dessert menu has anything resembling a chocolate fondant {like this Thermomix ...
14-02-2017 22:05

Thermomix Gluten Free Dinner Rolls

These Thermomix Gluten Free Dinner Rolls are the best invention since the dinner roll. So fast to prepare and probably the fluffiest rolls I’ve ever ...
13-02-2017 22:05

Valentine’s Day Chocolates

If you just want to share a few little chocolates with a loved one then why not whip some of these thermomix Valentine’s Day Chocolates up.  A ...
13-02-2017 21:29

No Bake Chocolate Swirl with Flake Cheesecake

This thermomix no bake chocolate swirl with flake cheesecake is just so delicious!  It’s creamy, chocolatey and when you get those little parc ...
13-02-2017 21:29

Happy Valentines Day!

It’s that time of year again where we share some amazing food with someone that we love. If you haven’t got your menu sorted, that’s okay ...
13-02-2017 21:29

Chicken with Creamy Coriander Lime Sauce – Mad Monday

Oh my goodness! This is just unbelievably amazing!!!! If you LOVE coriander then this thermomix chicken with creamy coriander lime sauce is PERF ...
13-02-2017 21:29
12-02-2017 21:29

15 Classic & Traditional Slice Recipes

The ultimate collection of 15 Classic & Traditional Slice Recipes. From caramel slice to jelly slice, hedgehog slice to peppermint slice… and so muc ...
12-02-2017 22:28
12-02-2017 21:29

Thermomix Raspberry & Almond Slice

I’m a big fan of fruity slices – and I just love how the tart raspberries in this Thermomix Raspberry & Almond Slice cut through the sweetness of ...
12-02-2017 22:23

Baked Belgian Endive with Ham and Cheese, My Way

This recipe for Baked Belgian Endive with Ham and Cheese, My Way makes a hearty as well as tasty dish that\'s great for a winter lunch or dinner. ...
09-02-2017 21:21

Muesli Balls

Add honey and butter to bowl. Warm 2min/50C/sp2.Add remaining ingredients and mix together, 20sec/sp9.Shape into balls and place in fridge!  ...
09-02-2017 21:21

Thermomix Pink Meringue Kisses

These Thermomix pink meringue kisses are the perfect little gift for your loved one at Valentine’s Day. Wrap them cutely or present in a box. Super ...
09-02-2017 21:48

ThermoFun FREE February 2017 Meal Plan

If you are like me and meal planning is just in the too hard basket or you sit down and think what are we going to eat"!  Well here is a whole m ...
07-02-2017 21:26

5 Thermomix Breakfast on the Run Recipes

With school going back this week (and next!) I know my mornings are going to become even more chaotic as we find our rhythm adjusting to our new routi ...
07-02-2017 22:04

Chicken & Cashew – Chinese New Year

I have been so blessed to have so many friends from different cultural backgrounds that are willing to share their family recipes with me.  This ...
07-02-2017 21:26
07-02-2017 21:26

Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies – Kidtastic Friday

This thermomix Triple Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe  is simple and makes A LOT of cookies!!!  Which is great, although I would suggest immediatel ...
07-02-2017 21:26

Tomato Chutney

Chutney is an awesome accompaniment to any meal really!  This thermomix tomato chutney is amazingly delicious and I found it hard to stop puttin ...
07-02-2017 21:26

LunchBox & After School Snack Ideas

Do you dread that lunchbox making time"  Like most of us we wish whatever went in the lunchbox got eaten and that everyone was happy with what t ...
07-02-2017 21:26
07-02-2017 21:26

Taco Dip

Now I know you know, that I love my taco seasoning ALMOST as much as I love my curries   so it will come as no surprise that this thermomix taco ...
07-02-2017 21:26

Mexican Tuna Patties

Now this recipe is not new but an adaptation of this one – ThermoFun Tuna Cakes.  It came about when I had some left over mash but I just want ...
07-02-2017 21:26

Vegan Mac & Cheese in the Thermomix

Thermomix Vegan Mac and Cheese recipe available here: MORE OF OUR FREE THERMOMIX R ...
07-02-2017 22:02

White Chocolate & Macadamia Cookies

Wait until you try these classic White Chocolate & Macadamia Cookies… they’re totally irresistible! Try stopping at just one (it’s impossible!!) ...
07-02-2017 22:10

ThermoFun Weekly Dinner Club – Subscriptions open :D

NO MORE WEEKLY MEAL PLAN STRESS! Yes you heard me correctly!!  I’ve heard you expressing how much making your weekly thermomix meal plan is s ...
07-02-2017 21:26

Chocolate Dessert Pizza

 Pre-heat oven to 220?C and oil a pizza tray. Measure water into TM bowl. Add yeast first then remainder of ingredients. Combine ingredients on speed ...
06-02-2017 21:22

Thermomix Uni Pasta

The great thing about Chinese New Year is that a lot of the local stores carry products that you don\'t usually see. My husband happened to find some ...
05-02-2017 21:58

Thermomix Passionfruit Melting Moments

These classic Thermomix Passionfruit Melting Moments are the BEST! Whether you’re after a easy lunchbox treat or the perfect partner to your aftern ...
05-02-2017 22:00

Entertaining with Dani Valent - Thermomix Fortune Cookies

Want to create your own fortune cookies" Watch Dani create fortune cookies with ease with this video. A great activity to do with the children, or w ...
02-02-2017 21:23

Thermomix Healthy Millionaire’s Shortbread

This Thermomix healthy millionaire’s shortbread is a super easy treat to prepare and such a tasty snack for your lunchbox. No baking required. “I ...
02-02-2017 21:54

Thermomix Quick Tips - Grating cheese

It only takes 10 seconds (and no nicks or cuts) for perfectly grated cheese, ready to sprinkle on soups, sandwiches, pasta and more. Thermomix ® sav ...
02-02-2017 21:23

Thermomix Quick Tips - Orange and passionfruit curd

Discover bite sized lessons on how to make the most of your Thermomix with our quick tips videos. In this video, you?ll see how easy it is to make hom ...
02-02-2017 21:23

Introducing Entertaining with Dani Valent - a Thermomix Cook

Flip through the recipes from the Entertaining with Dani Valent cookbook and recipe chip. Comprising 13 menus themed by cuisine and occasion, and wil ...
02-02-2017 21:23

Breakfast bars

Preheat oven to 180°C. Grease and line a rectangular baking tin (31 x 21 x 5 cm) with baking paper, allowing a 2 cm overhang and set aside. Place ...
01-02-2017 21:22

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News most viewed Today

Thermomix Easter Egg Rocky Road

Thermomix Easter Egg Rocky Road

A quick and easy Thermomix Easter Egg Rocky Road made with all your favourite Easter chocolates!! Do you what my favourite thing about Easter is (apart from the obvious couple of getting to spend time with family and eat ALL the food)…" It’s... -
Salmon Caesar Salad -30min Thermomix Recipe

Salmon Caesar Salad -30min Thermomix Recipe

ThermoKitchen You will never order Caesar Salad at a cafe after making this super decadent, Salmon Caesar Salad. The flavours work perfectly together and this healthy meal can be on the table in 3o minutes. I\'m sure readers have indulged in... -
The BEST Thermomix Cocktail Recipes

The BEST Thermomix Cocktail Recipes

Everyone knows that the best part of owning a Thermomix is that it can make kick-ass cocktails, right!!"" Well we certainly think so!! And so, we’ve put together a collection of our very favourite Thermomix cocktail recipes… there’s... -
Kombucha Recipe Chart – Australian Metric & US Imperial

Kombucha Recipe Chart – Australian Metr...

ThermoKitchen Kombucha is a fabulous health-giving drink full of valuable probiotics for gut health! The brew can be made easily in your own home with this simple Kombucha recipe chart. When I first started making Kombucha two years ago I had... -
Thermomix Coconut Biscuits

Thermomix Coconut Biscuits

These Thermomix Coconut Biscuits are perfect for a lunchbox treat or after school snack for the kids! Once you have tried these Thermomix Coconut Biscuits, I guarantee they will quickly become a regular recipe in your kitchen. These are quite... -
Thermomix NO BAKE granola bars! Quick, easy and healthy snacks to keep the munchies at bay.

Thermomix NO BAKE granola bars! Quick, easy a...

Print Prep time 2 mins Total time 2 mins   What can I say, these no bake granola bars, are quick, easy, healthy and delicious. The perfect snack really. Author: Robyn (Mrs D plus 3) Recipe type: Thermomix : Lunch box snacks... -
Banana Cake – KIDtastic Friday – ThermoFun

Banana Cake – KIDtastic Friday – ...

Thermomix Banana Cake – Yes it’s taken me this long to do one!  Have you seen how many Thermomix Banana Cakes are out there"!  Each one has something a little different! This is my take on a recipe that I had been using for years.... -
Thermobexta’s ABC Nut Butter

Thermobexta’s ABC Nut Butter

Nut butter is so easy to make in your thermal mixer. It’s a staple in our house and our favourite mix is A-B-C: Almond, Brazil nut and Cashew. You can use any combination of nuts you have on hand, though. 180g almonds 100g Brazil nuts 100g cashews... -
No-Bake Date & Almond Slice

No-Bake Date & Almond Slice

This No-Bake Date & Almond Slice is always a HUGE hit! It takes no time at all to prepare… and tastes amazing! It’s funny… I don’t like eating dates on their own. In fact, I find them really kinda yuck! But oh my gosh, add them to any kind... -
Easiest ever thermomix chocolate chip cookies

Easiest ever thermomix chocolate chip cookies

The post Easiest ever thermomix chocolate chip cookies appeared first on Mrs D plus 3. -

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